Why Training is Important

Strengthen your knowledge and skills.

For the Career Development Professional…

Professional development refreshes and increases your existing knowledge and skills and builds your confidence.  This ensures you continue to provide the most effective service to your clients and makes you an asset to your employer and the team with which you work.

Attending training, workshops, conferences and networking opportunities, reading articles and blogs, and conducting research ensures you access additional tools to build on your core skills and areas of specialization. Those who benefit from your services receive quality assistance and increase their success in securing meaningful and sustainable employment outcomes.  Participating in training is a key opportunity to collect points/hours toward continuing education credits (CEUs) required for ongoing certification.

For the Organization…

Employers that support training for their team members find a greater consistency of services provided, higher positive client outcomes and better career/job matching.  Employees that receive training supported by their employer see that the organization is invested in them. When an organization’s culture improves it results in increased morale and productivity, reduced employee turnover, and making that organization sought out by those looking for their Employer of Choice. (see employer testimonials below)

Ultimately this is a win-win for the professionals and employers and will raise the profile of the organization in the eye of future clients, partners, and funders.