"Last year our organization hired Gillian Johnston to deliver one of the mandatory training courses for certification under Career Development Practitioner CDPCBO. There are many types of training competing for scarce resources in the not for profit employment sector. From my perspective, this sector has suffered for many years from inconsistent or sometimes nonexistent training. As the sector matures it has always seemed to me that it would be in the best interests of our staff to have them trained in the accepted fundamentals of the profession and then I could be assured that our clients were getting service from an organization that was committed to quality professional development. Having staff with this recognized fundamental training strengthens our agency at its core and then allows individual staff  to pursue their own interests and specialties to meet the ever changing needs of our dynamic labour market.

Manager, Community Employment Choices

Sarenna HopkinsSarenna HopkinsGCDF

“As a certified Career Development Practitioner, your expertise and experience will be formally recognized and, as others join you, Career Development will be recognized as a rigorous field that creates value for individuals, employers, communities, our province and our country.”
Sareena Hopkins, M.Ed., GCDF, Executive Director, CCDF, Chair CCCD

“The Board of Directors and Management (Russell Reid) of the Regional Employment Help Centre are supporting the certification process for its staff by investing the necessary staff time and financial resources. The entire application process is an excellent professional learning experience for the group as they work together compiling their individual portfolios, sharing their varied personal experiences and professional growth serving the North Algoma Region. Certification validates the work we do and the professional quality of REHC staff.”

Russell Reid, Board of Directors and Management

"The ethical standards training taught staff how to conduct business with our employers and the clients we serve in a more consistent manner. Knowledge of the different theories makes us better prepared for assisting our clients through career decision making and career transitions. Providing this training to staff and our colleagues in other organizations is part of our commitment to staff wanting to continue on to certification as Career Development Practitioners."

June Muir, Chief Executive Officer

"YES Employment Services Thunder Bay has endeavoured as an organization to invest in our staff through courses like Ethics, Career Development Theory and Common Assessment. This preparation for certification of our Career Development Practitioners has not only built the individual skill set of each of our staff members but also elevated the capacity within the entire organization."

Rob Barrett, Executive Director

"KEYS Job Centre is leading the way in south-eastern Ontario in their commitment to staff and the profession in providing financial and time support to enable staff to gain the two mandatory courses and certification as Career Development Practitioners. KEYS is also acting as a catalyst for other service providers in the area sharing best practices about professional development and certification. KEYS believes that the investment in staff will result in even better service to clients and program outcomes."

Trish McNamara, Program Manager

“As a group at World Skills Employment Centre, we see the value in certification for ourselves, our profession and our organization. Certification gives more credence to the profession; ensures consistency and best practices across the board; gives more credibility and respect to those holding certification, and demonstrates a commitment to on-going learning and professional development.”

Peggy Kelly, Liaison, Work Place Lanaguage Training and Chairperson for Professional Development