Certification Model Developed by Stewardship Committee

MINIMUM FORMAL EDUCATION AND RELATED EXPERIENECE CCDP-–Certified Career Development Professional PathwaysA) Related 1 year certificate (minimum 200 hours) + 5,600 hours of related experience in the past 4 years, ORB) Related 2 year diploma + 4,200 hours of related experience in the past

3 years, OR

C) Related 3-4 year degree + 2,800 hours of related experience in the past

2 years, OR

D) Related Master’s degree + 1,400 hours of related experience in the

past year, OR

E) Employment Pathway  – Must be currently employed in the field + 8,000 hours of related experience in the past 10 years of which 4,000 hours of this experience must be in the past 5 years

Additional information:

• Degrees in a related field include social sciences, humanities and education

• If applicant has unrelated degree, needs to demonstrate that 6-10 courses are relevant to career development (psychology, sociology, education, counselling, social work)

• If an applicant holds multiple sources of related education, the highest education will be used to calculate the number of hours of related experience required

• Education must be from a government approved or authorized institution in Canada. If out of Canada, an equivalency document through ICAS or WES must be provided.

• Work experience in a related career development field: at least 50% of the hours must have been paid work with up to 50% through other work (i.e., volunteer, job shadowing, work practicum).

• The hour count is based on 50 weeks per year

MANDATORY COURSE CONTENT AREAS Content Areas: (not necessarily separate courses)1) Ethics (10 hours)2) Career Development Theory (20 hours)

Additional information:

• The courses must be from an approved educational institution (list to be developed)

• PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition) through the approved institution(s) will qualify

DEMONSTRATED COMPETENCIES AND SPECIALISATIONS Demonstrate proficiency in the 4 core competencies plus 2 of the specializations (your choice) from the Canadian Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs) Core competencies:

• Professional Behaviour

• Interpersonal Competence

• Career Development Knowledge

• Needs Assessment and Referral

Qualifying work experience related to:

• Direct client services related to career and/or employment

• Indirect client services related to leadership and/or research in the career development field

• Must provide evidence by writing a short description of how these have been addressed through work or documented training

• Must provide supporting documentation where possible, e.g., documentation from supervisors, supporting documentation by co- workers, course descriptions, course evaluations, work samples, etc.

REFERENCES Provide 3 references

• At least one must be supervisory/managerial

• All referees must have known the applicant for at least 1 year

• The period the referee refers to must be within the past 3 years

• At least 2 of the referees must currently work in the field

MEMBERSHIP IN A PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION • Maintain membership (in good standing) in an approved Professional Career Development Association

• Proof of current membership (and expiry date) will be required

• Association criteria and list to be developed