Practitioner Testimonials

I completed my designation as a Certified Career Development Practitioner 2017.  This certification has been invaluable in my career as an Employment Specialist, Career Strategist and Human Resource Leader.  CCDP certification has established professional competencies, standards, values and ethics within the profession.   The certification is a validation of my commitment, understanding, obligation and the accountability to my clients, peers, community members, employers and colleagues in the industry.

Being a Certified Career Development Practitioner has provided me with a network of professionals and continuous learning opportunity to increase my knowledge and stay informed and connected.
~ Brenda Hewgill CHRL, CCS, CCDP

Helping people achieve their career goals has long been my passion and purpose in life.  When CDPCBO announced that Ontario employment professionals could apply for certification and belong to their own association, I was so excited because our profession was finally being recognized.  I am a strong advocate of the CCDP designation. My application for certification was evaluated by top professionals in the field. When I received my certification, I felt validated in my skills, knowledge and training. This designation has given me a sense of accomplishment and helps me stand out in my profession. Here is what I say to anyone thinking about this designation - stop procrastinating and organize your time to submit your application. Be recognized for your accomplishments and become part of the CCDP Gold Standard.

Certification means accountability to our clients, colleagues and community. It recognizes the impact and importance of the work done by Career Development Practitioners all over Ontario.
Heather Powell, CWC, CCDP, CSDT

I’m proud to receive the designation of Certified Career Development Practitioner. Preparing the documentation for the certification process was a very affirming process... It reaffirmed my commitment to my profession and reminded me of the importance of continuing to learn and grow… Achieving this certification will add value to your knowledge and previous training, and employers will note your commitment to your profession.
~ Diane Moore, M.Ed., CMF, CCDP, Professor George Brown College

I completed the Career and Work Counsellor Program at George Brown College over 20 years ago.  Completing the Career Development Practitioner Certification this past year, reaffirmed in myself that I chose the right career! Going through the application process has given me permission to recognize and accept that I am good at what I do because I believe in it. That confidence shows in my work and in interview situations. I use the title on my resume and when people ask me what I do for a living, I am proud to say that I have changed from being a career specialist to a Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP). I have standards and ethics to keep in my work. I am grateful for the continued efforts the members of CDPCBO have put into Ontario certification. If you are reading this then you are considering if becoming certified is worth it. I can say is Yes it is more than I can say in these few lines.
Kitt Hunter-Wolff, CCDP

I chose to undertake the CCDP certification because I strongly believe that the work I am doing is critically important.  This certification provides a third party verification that I possess the knowledge and competencies that are required to do the work well.  In addition, since receiving the certification I have begun to lay the ground work for my new venture that will be focused on delivering a variety of highly interactive workshops.  The certification has definitely provided me with greater confidence to approach and market these workshops to individuals and organizations.
~ Robert Reed, CCDP