Who Are Career Development Practitioners

Career development practitioners work with people of all ages to assist them with their career development needs, including learning, work, and leisure transitions. CDP’s provide direct services in employment counselling, career education, counselling and coaching, training, and vocational rehabilitation. Career development services are offered in many different places such as community based agencies, outplacement organizations, workplaces, college and university career centres and independent practitioners.
~ adapted from cccda.org

A Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) is a professional who is required to have skills and expertise in at least two of the following areas: assessment, facilitated individual and group learning, career counselling, information and resource management, work development, and community capacity building. Certified Career Development Practitioners have also committed to adhering to a professional Code of Ethics as outlined by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners. – adapted from cccda.org

See the Across Canada Benefits document for a list of occupational titles in the Career Development field.

Practitioner vs Professional…

“Career Development Professionals help individuals navigate learning and employment transitions across the lifespan.

Career Development Professionals help individuals to manage learning and employment, acquire and enhance skills, seek and create employment, and access community services that support personal and professional growth in an increasingly complex, interdependent and changing world.

Career Development Professionals collaborate with employers, education and training providers, community-based services, and other private and public institutions to promote positive health, social and economic outcomes of individuals, institutions and communities.”


The terms are used interchangeably; at this time in Ontario, certification is titled Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP).  All Practitioners will be recognized as Professionals.