February 2024

CDPCBO has been busy since we last wrote, being at CANNEXUS 2024, and with the continuing process of certifying and recertifying CCDPs in Ontario.

This update contains information on national certification and an important survey from the Career Development Professional Centre, CDPC, to begin the process of mapping the Supervisors and Managers of career services across the country. Many of you will be familiar with the groundbreaking survey of the field presented at CANNEXUS 2024 by Challenge Factory that brought us an in-depth look at our field. This survey by CDPC will now give data on those who lead/manage us in the work we do. Please circulate within your own organizations.

In addition, there is an update on news from the Career Development Professional Centre below.

Spring is around the corner according to that reliable source of information, groundhogs, and with it will come many new ventures for us all.

Update on National Certification

Thanks everyone for your patience as the national processes become finalized. The tools to assess competencies in the national process have been refined and will be piloted this spring, i.e. the new multiple choice exam and the interview questions. Once this is done and refined, the national certification will begin. The target date right now is to start assessing new applications for certification at the national level in September.

What this means for the 5 certifying provinces is that we will continue to certify new CCDPs until late summer under the current processes. In Ontario, we will accept new applications for certification until national certification is open.

Recertification will continue in the 5 provinces until national certification begins. We anticipate that we will continue to recertify those of you who are up for recertification until at least September. By certifying before national starts you will be certified until December 31, 2027, and that date will be honoured by the national body.

We will keep you informed as we get more detailed information from the national body.

A Message from the CDPC

Calling all managers, leaders, supervisors throughout career development / employment services sector. Your voice matters – help us help you better!

Your role as a supervisor, manager, or leader in career development/employment services is vital. Juggling various responsibilities, you shape the success of both your organization and the individuals under your care. Your unique insights into career and employment services are crucial for a national initiative aimed at enhancing support for professionals like you. Sharing your experiences and challenges in this brief survey will ensure our work is grounded in your context and the realities that you face. If you are a supervisor, manager, or leader we hope you can find time to complete the survey. If you are not in a leadership role, we’d ask that you please pass this along.


Please note: this message is going out to multiple lists with a request to forward. As such, you may receive notice about the survey multiple times. We apologize for the duplication and hope you agree it is important to reach as many as we can, helping ensure their voices are heard.

CDPC Newsletter

Below is a link to the Career Development Professional Centre (CDPC) newsletter. There is some great info on there about ChatCDP groups and other resources. We encourage you to subscribe so you can receive these news updates directly. It is a great national community of practice. Check it out.


Thank You,

Gillian Johnston, Chair, CDPCBO

A gentle reminder, we are a completely volunteer group so if we can’t always respond immediately, please be patient.