Take Advantage of our Summer SpecialBecome a Certified Career Development Practitioner

Who’s Eligible:

  • If you are a graduate of a career development specialized program from Conestoga, Fanshawe, Mohawk, George Brown or Fleming College you automatically qualify for this offer.
  • If you have completed the two mandatory courses in Ethics and Career Development Theory but have not yet filed your application for certification you also qualify.
  • Other qualifying criteria of work experience must also be met.  All of those details are in the application package found at  https://cdpcbo.org/certification/ontario/application-package/

What’s the Offer:

  • A $30 discount on the $225 application fee…that makes the fee only $195! 
  • A one-time review of your application in process to provide valuable feedback.
  • A one-time mentoring call for advice, guidance, and motivation.
  • If 4 or more apply at the same time from the same organization, we bump the discount up to $35 per applicant!

This is a time-limited offerOffer expires September 30, 2019. To qualify for discounts all applications must be received by this date.

Why Apply:

  • As alumni of career development practitioner programs or those who have completed the mandatory courses through approved organizations, you already have what you need to apply.
  • Certification enhances your employability and value to employers, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining the Canadian Standards and Guidelines and Code of Ethics for Career Development Practitioners.
  • Join colleagues in four other provinces in raising the bar for quality service and our profession.


  • Form partnerships with colleagues to motivate, support and share the process of writing your application.
  • If you are a graduate you already are well versed in reflective writing and reflective practice. Apply those principles to writing your application.
  • Watch the videos on the website on how to write your application: Video #1(Introduction, sections 1 & 2);  Video #2(sections 3 & 4)Video #3 (sections 5 & 6); Video #4 (section 7 – part 1); Video #5 (section 7 – part 2 & section 8)
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for mentoring and a review with feedback on your draft application.

If you have questions contact us at www.info@cdpcbo.org

Do it now, don’t wait another day!