Career Development Practitioners’ Certification Board of Ontario (CDPCBO)
providing certification to career development practitioners in Ontario.

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement and promotion of the career development profession in Ontario
and ensure the highest quality of career development service to the public.

When you throw a rock – even a small pebble – in a pond, it has an effect. And that effect goes beyond the point of impact where the rock hits the water. Every rock or pebble thrown in the pond also creates ripples and you never know how far those ripples might travel. So don’t underestimate the potential ripple effect of even a small action that you might commit to doing. So think about throwing a rock, a pebble… or maybe a boulder in the pond. If enough of us do it, our rocks might actually start to build upon each other and become stepping stones leading us to new heights as a profession. – Sareena Hopkins, Canadian Council for Career Development

Benefits of Certification


Why should I become certified?

Watch our video left to get ideas of what the benefits are to you as a practitioner. The video is taken from a webinar given to students at Conestoga College by Jennifer Davies, former registrar of CDPCBO and Gillian Johnston, one of the directors of CDPCBO.

Read more about benefits of certification for employers, the field of career development in general, and most importantly to our public.


Practitioners’ Testimonials

“Certification means accountability to our clients, colleagues and community. It recognizes the impact and importance of the work done by Career Development Practitioners all over Ontario.”
Heather Powell Sidhu, CWC, CCDP, CSDT

“As a certified Career Development Practitioner, your expertise and experience will be formally recognized and, as others join you, Career Development will be recognized as a rigorous field that creates value for individuals, employers, communities, our province and our country.”
Sareena Hopkins, M.Ed., GCDF, Executive Director, CCDF, Chair CCCD

“I’m proud to receive the designation of Certified Career Development Practitioner. Preparing the documentation for the certification process was a very affirming process… It reaffirmed my commitment to my profession and reminded me of the importance of continuing to learn and grow… Achieving this certification will add value to your knowledge and previous training, and employers will note your commitment to your profession.”
Diane Moore, M.Ed., CMF, CCDP, Professor George Brown College